21-22 April

What is a StreetHack?

From the 21th to the 22nd of April, solve some of the challenges facing the city, and win prizes with your creativity! We'll supply you with mentoring, swag, drinks, and food -- everything you need to create something cool!


Investopad, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

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StreetHack is organized by CodeStreet and Ultrahack India, who are dedicated to making sure everything runs smoothly. Feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook here

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Finland has one of the best forest data resources in the world, but there is limited number of commercial solutions utilizing that data. Create an innovative solution by combining forest resource data with other open data sources. In this challenge, basic data sets are offered by Finnish Forest Centre, National Land Survey of Finland (MML), Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE) and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). You may utilize these in your solution, but you are not limited to those. End-users can be — but are not limited to — forest industry, forest owners, other forest stakeholders or citizens.
Create and bundle new technology and smart mobility services to make it easier for event attendees to reach events and move around the city during events and travel home happily. Selected event organizers and venues will be available for developers to test their solutions earliest in Q3-4/2018.
Space industry took us to the moon, flew the space shuttle 135 times, building the Space Launch System for NASA, to eventually take astronauts back to the International Space Station (ISS) and on to Mars. Space Technology comes in a multitude of forms: positioning and navigation to communications, robotics, nanosatellites, augmented reality, autonomous driving, self-navigating and self-flying devices, ships and vehicles, novel materials, artificial intelligence, innovations specifically for arctic conditions, gaming, data visualization. Come up with ideas, visualizations and solutions related to marine economy, arctic conditions, air quality and forestry which utilize Copernicus and/or FMI data resources. When submitting to this challenge, you are allowed to send the Space Hack submission also to either “The Talsinki Hack/ Marine” or “Hack the Forest Data/Forestry”.
Create solutions for people commuting between Tallinn and Helsinki weekly. Come up with new innovative services and solutions that make the commute smoother, shorter and more comfortable. You can extend your imagination beyond commuters and think about how to make cross-border business more effective and comfortable for employees and employers working in these two cities.
Modern buildings provide huge amounts of data which could be utilized way more than they are today. This data can be static such as 2D floor plans or 3D building information models or dynamic such as IoT data from different sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2, energy consumption etc.). AI and machine learning can be used for proactive maintenance, optimizing performance or better user experience of these buildings. You will have access to four types of buildings which all provide various opportunities to make them more intelligent: school, shopping mall, office building, and university building. Think outside of the box and show us what you can do with this data to take these buildings to the next level!
Interested building in Mozilla environment, go for this Theme.
If you have a great project that doesn’t fit any other challenge, apply to our Open Challenge!

*Will not be considered for the hackathon in Finland.

Hackathon Will be hosted here

21th April

Time Activity
10:00 Check-in
12:00 Briefing
14:00 Coding Starts
18:00 Snacks
21:00 Dinner
22:00 Mentoring and Mid-night Evaluation
23:45 Snacks

22nd April

Time Activity
08:00 Breakfast
12:00 Submission Period Starts
13:00 Pitching
14:00 Winner Announced

1. What is a StreetHack ?

StreetHack is a 2 phase 24-hour hackathon with a twist: our challenges are themed and well described here.

2. Count me in; how do I sign up ?

You can register here!

3. What do I bring ?

You'll need to bring your ID, a laptop, any device you think you will need, chargers, and your creativity!

4. Wait, do I have to pay ?

Not at all; StreetHack is absolutely FREE! We are kindly funded by some awesome sponsors, and thanks to them, we can provide you with power, swag, and food, so you don't have to spend a penny once you're here. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any travel reimbursements at this time.

5. I might get Hungry after a while.

Don't worry, food is on us, non-stop supply of Snacks and drinks

6. Will internet be provided ?

Continous high speed internet will be provided

7. Where exactly is the Hackathon ?

Investopad(18, Institutional Area, Prem Puri, Sector 32, Gurugram, Haryana 122001)

8. Did we miss out on any question?

We're eagerly waiting for you on Facebook or mail us instead.

A grant of Euro 800 to up to 3 Teams for a Trip to Finland to present your prototype at Ultrahack 2018 Sprint I.

Stay connected for updates. Cool prizes are to be announced soon.

The Crew behind this hackathon

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